About The Owner

Growing up in a small town in Alabama, my imagination along with my dreams grew by the day. Creativity was something that came at a young age. I constantly created my own version of everything and tried to leave my finger prints on anything I touched. I was never the girl that just went out and bought something that I wanted, I had to make it myself in order to make it my own. As I began to get older and life's problems started to become more serious, anxiety and depression made it's way into my life. Naturally, I tested every escape in my path. This is when art changed my life. I found myself creating jewelry when times were hard, and when times were good I was doing the same. Creativity is something that has held my hand through events I never thought I would make it out of, and has encouraged me to chase the huge dreams I once did not have the courage to pursue. Every piece I have created was inspired by a person who has touched my life. I believe every woman should not only look like a work of art, but feel like a work of art. I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.